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The hypocrisy of the Arab League’s fluctuating position


The Arab League now seems to be lamenting the attack by coalition forces on Libya saying that their attacks on Muammar Gadaffi’s capabilities have gone too far. What did they expect? From a purely tactical point of view, how can anyone enforce a no-fly zone without taking out the anti-aircraft facilities on the ground? On a purely tactical basis also, command and control centers have to be taken out. Common sense.

How can one take out these facilities without some people on the ground being hurt? Also Gadaffi seems to be placing some civilians in harms way by having them literally dance around potential military targets like monkeys. (What is wrong with these people, dancing and whirling to music as if high on drugs, while death stalks overhead? Is it some macabre enjoyment of destruction that makes them jiggle like that? What a sight it would be to see a crew from one of the coalition’s aircraft touching down after a mission, then coming out of their aircraft doing a prance and dance, pumping ‘v’ signs in the air. They do not do that. They carry themselves with dignity and calm professionalism).

It is regrettable and painful that anyone is killed or hurt in this conflict, even some of Gadaffi’s own soldiers who are just doing their jobs. But choices have to be made, and we pray for a speedy resolution to this conflict.

The Arab League is now back-peddling on their initial position. Is it hypocrisy or just plain ignorance? Also, do they really think that the coalition forces are in this only on account of Western capitals’ hearts bleeding for civilians in danger? France, Britain, Italy and then US-come -on-board-lately have huge geo-political and economic stakes in the outcome of this conflict. France and Britain played their cards early when the wind was blowing in favor of the rebels. After Gadaffi gained the initiative they realized that, should they fail to stop him, their massive interests in the country would be in jeopardy. They had to act and of course, they had to bring the US on board. Obama was reluctant as his stakes in Libya were not as high as the Europeans.

The coalition partners are looking after their interests. What about he Arab League? Has it truly represented the interests of the Arab and Muslim people in all its existence? Their meetings are filled with hot air and lamb chops, and meaningless resolutions and pronouncements. Most of the leaders the delegates represent are almost as repressive against their people as Gadaffi is. Why can’t the Arab Leagus itself do something for the Libyan people?

Why go begging the Europeans and the US?

They cannot. They themselves do not have the moral standing to make moral pronouncements on people like Gadaffi. Also, even if they wanted to, they do not have any military muscle. All the weapons they buy at the annual arms shows seem to be just toys for the Princes, and to be used against their own populations on occasion. Their militaries are still weak and undisciplined, (except for the efficient and rhythmic pumping of V for Victory signs – like little kids). All the trillions they have made from oil have passed through their systems like a potent laxative. The masses get to enjoy the smell.

The Arab people need to quickly rid themselves of this class, and rebuild their societies based on the values and dignity enshrined in their Muslim and Christian faiths.


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