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Former Intel Chief: Call Off The Drone War (And Maybe the Whole War on Terror)

The statements won’t exactly win Blair new friends in the Obama administration, which forced him out of the top intelligence job about a year after he was nominated. Not only has Obama drastically escalated the drone war — there’ve been 50 strikes in the first seven months of this year, almost as many as in all of 2009. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta called the remotely-piloted attacks the “only game in town in terms of confronting or trying to disrupt the al-Qaida leadership.”   READ MORE>>>>


The War on Terror is based on a false premise; ie Muslims were responsible for 9/11, London 7/7 and Madrid etc. There is enormous evidence that these were false flag operations designed to provide the excuse for the US to try to grab and control the world’s oil, in its desperate bid to survive the rise of China and the other BRIC countries (among others). Now that this has failed the West may have to start ‘making friends’ with Muslim countries to secure their co-operation to cushion America’s fall. Of course that is not is Israel’s interest, as they have not expanded their borders to the desired dimensions as yet, and have not as yet been able to totally dominate the Middle East. So America is headed for a very deep black hole. But, hey, we still have Football, Six-packs and AMERICAN IDOL! And of course Casey Anthony………..


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