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NATO Prepares Global War – Russian and Chinese Military on Highest Alert

October 24, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

The US plans for global dominance date back to as early as 1998 and the “Project for a New American Century, PNAC“. One of the think tanks members, former US Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld, warned in September 2001, that if the war fails to significantly alter the worlds geopolitical map, the US will not achieve it´s aim to become the worlds only ad dominant superpower. READ MORE  >>>>>



  1. Albus
    October 26, 2011 at 1:50 am

    Way too far fetched, collapsing major economies has always brought down the governments with it. Soldiers will be too busy fighting their own people and maintaining order to fight Russians and Chinese. India is the West’s foothold and base of operations against China, India does not need 20 000 Chinese troops in their territory, nor would they allow 20 000 foriegn troops of any nationality into their territory, India is an emerging super power that scares China. Does China have operational aircraft carriers? no! but India does, with a large air force to compliment that large navy, they also have an extremely large number of expats in NATO countries. The West gave India the nuclear technology and Canadian reactors they use to make warheads. Putin’s speech was speaking about the large number of former warsaw pact nations joining NATO, simply voicing his anger at NATO tipping the balance of power away from Russia and using the usaul Russian exagerations to scare people. We’ve made China’s economy dependent on western manufacturing and exports to the West, strengthened Western/NATO friendly nations surrounding China (India, Japan, Taiwan) to contain them militarily. We are now in the process of containing Russia militarily by strengthening their closest Western/NATO friendly neighbors (Ukraine, Georgia) in the south. Currently we are restructuring our economies for the near future economic battle with Russia, we bankrupted them once why can’t we keep doing it until we get a government we can get along with. Yes NATO is surrounding Russia and the EU is swallowing up all of the former republics, someone has to stabilize the region because Russian elements continue to destabilize the area. The Ukraine destroyed their nuclear warheads yrs ago under UN supervision and would attack Russia before defying the EU whom they’re so desperate to join. There is a war but it’s a new “cold war” and if we don’t get the economic restructuring right Western/NATO nations will be the ones going bankrupt and collapsing like the Soviet Union.

  2. col.rtd. ivan gagrin
    December 18, 2011 at 10:16 am

    russians are honest friends but chinese are dangerous neighbours russians should stay away from china .when russians were having their troubles china was planning a invasion of russia.till today chinese intellegence are very active in russia sending chinese women to russian generals to mate so russian generals sell russian military hardware and soft ware.most chinese women military personnel who marched in short skirts on chinese parade were sent to russia on russian generals orders.in exchange secrets for cash and women.putin should make friends with nato who are more reliabel then china.

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